Bastien Corens

Hello! 👋
I am a Belgian creative designer and student-entrepreneur that creates rock-solid digital brands for companies that love their customers. Branding and Webdesign are the areas I excel in. I enjoy collaborating on projects with other digital or creative entrepreneurs to provide my clients with more expertise while still ensuring high quality.

‘bout me 💁‍♂️
I’ve been described as ambitious and hard-working by various clients and colleagues as a result of a good partnership. I strive to surpass expectations in every field of my work. That’s how I mastered my three key skills: designing brand identities and digital products, managing projects in a clear manner and empathising with clients and their goals.

Already on fire 🔥
Currently, I’m running two small businesses; Rockylake and Mixwebdesign, which both focus on digital creativity. Furthermore, I study for my bachelor in Interactive Multimedia Design. In the future, I would love to have an industry-leading full-blown design studio to be able to work together with other great designers and digital professionals for cool and unique clients.

Chillin’ 🎉
In my free time, I love to meet new people that are open-minded and have similar interests. One of my favourite ways to spend time is by playing sports. I like to shoot hoops on the basketballcourt and also enjoy the freedom of the ski slopes.

Contact me 📞
Interested? Let’s connect! Hope to talk to you soon. 🧡